AI in Fintech: Accelerating Profits & Competitiveness in Financial Services


AI has become a disruptive technology that helps financial services companies reduce costs, increase profits, and stay competitive in the market. But it is not without complications; while it will help banks reduce risk, it will also increase the possibilities of unknown risks occurring. As AI automates routine work, it will dramatically impact the type of roles within financial services. It will decrease the time required to comply with regulations while increasing the number of rules with which organizations must comply. And it will personalize the customer experience in a new digital way but lose the human touch of the relationship-driven industry.


Artificial intelligence provides a wealth of opportunities for firms to accelerate their profits and business - but is it worth the investment?


Join this webinar to understand:

- How financial services are using AI today

- The immediate and long term benefits and risk

- How AI can impact ROI and your profits