Digital Assets adoption by Fund Managers during 2020.

Updated: Aug 16

How much was invested in Digital Assets by the buyside in 2020? Which Hedge Funds are trading digital currency? See the latest trends below👇

⭕ HFR Blockchain Composite Index ⬆ 48 % in January gaining 189 % in 2020

⭕ HFR’s Cryptocurrency Index ⬆ 48 % in January, gaining 193.6 % in 2020

✅ Bill Miller at Miller Opportunity invested USD2.7 Bn.


✅ Michael Novogratz at Galaxy Investment Partners

✅ Lee Robinson at Altana Wealth

All the above has invested in Digital Assets as part of their investment strategy.

Lyxor Asset Management stated: the early days of simple long bets on assets such bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), or ripple (XRP) are making way for more sophisticated asset-linked strategies, including swaps, futures and options indexed on

crypto currencies, and punts on income generated by the underlying technology.

We are in the process of Seed Round Fundraising for Blockchain based clients and Crypto Currency Hedge Fund.

Please get in touch for more information.

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