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Consulting, Advisory & Market research on FinTech Solutions for buy-side clients

Our FinTech expertise is ideal for Hedge Funds, VC Funds, Private Equity Funds, UCITS, Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Family Offices, Fund Administrators, Fund Custodians, Business Angels and other buy-side players.


Expert advices based on industry insights


Recommending new System

Based on your specific needs and situation we can recommend you a new System and share the insights on this particular vendor based on other users' experiences.

Upon your choice, we can help negotiate the best terms of the contract and the best price for a particular System Provider.

We negotiate for you


Improving current System

Changing your current System might not be the best solution for you right now. In that case, we will advise you on alternative ways and industry best practices to improve or fix your challenges.

We share

We will provide you with industry insights into who is offering the best solution for your unique infrastructure and setup.

Parallel Lines

Seamless integration

We offer our integration, change and project management skillset at the competitive market rates.


Tailored assistance

You can hire us hourly for ongoing system migration/testing or decommission if your in-house resources are reserved for daily tasks and reporting.


Automating daily tasks and process

We can assist you with any add-hock daily tasks and process automation.


​Avoid additional
Fund hussle

Recruiting, training & onboarding a new Ops/Compliance person or an Analyst is costly and time-consuming. We are here for you, regardless of your Fund size, even if you are working alone.


An Expert you need,
when YOU need it

Our expertise and background come from working at Hedge Funds and Asset Managers and can be deployed at short notice on an hourly basis.


Felling like a robot? Wondering if this can be done better, faster and cheaper?

Together we can find the solution for you.

By using new FinTech Solutions, you can eliminate the hassle of repetitive, time-consuming tasks and reduce the risk of human error. 


Harmful malfunctioning software, underperforming or failing trade systems or any other process-related obstacles can be reduced or replaced, and we would love to help you achieve that.

Our services for FinTech Investors

We are currently working with a number of Seed round FinTech companies who we carefully selected based on our industry practice and experience.


Our main focus of selection is within FinTech and "Green" Finance ecosystem.


Some of the examples would be trade analytical SaaS solution, Wealth Tech company, BaaS (Banking as a services), PaaS (Platform as a service), Digital Signature solution, Digital crypto wallet, and more.

By nurturing early-stage companies, we help them grow with our industry-specific input.


We believe that by working with them, we contribute to the acceleration of the digital transformation on the buy-side

Our services for FinTech Innovators




If you are currently trying to raise some capital, we will work together and provide you with guidance and, most importantly, with industry best practice collected from our clients.


We will navigate you in your Funding Round. We will introduce your pitch deck to our trusted network of Investors and assist you in finding an appropriate Investor from our proprietary VCs and Angel Investors database.  

Digital Marketing

The beauty of Digital Marketing is that there is no such thing as too early to start promoting yourself.


Digital marketing in the early stages of development brings much bigger rewards if appropriately managed.

Why should you start marketing yourself BEFORE you have a final product?


It will bring you clients/users/followers/investors/new partners, which is crucial in the early stages.

We can help you to get started on a budget adaptable to your needs and financial capabilities.

Start NOW. Let us talk. We will guide you through the process.

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